Unity is when all of the design elements come together to form one unified image.

Unity can be achieved by:
Using simular shapes
Using simular colors
Proximinity, bringing the objects closer together.
Overlapping objects.

Another term for the same idea is harmony. If the various elements are not harmonious, if they appear separate and/or unrelated the design lacks unity.

Although you can still have unity when using a group of different shapes, unity would depend upon the position of the shapes in relationship to one another.

Using colors that are not harmonious can work against a unified design.
Artist Unknown


With this painting Unity has been created by the use of the colors and simular shapes.

Although the large red objects stand out there are splashes of red or a hint of red in some of the other elements which helps to unify them along with the fact that the colors of the other elements are simular.

The one shape that is different overlaps the others which also reenforces the unity of the elements.
Carrying Linen - Edgar Degar
Carrying Linen - Edgar Degar


Simular shapes and colors are created thoughout this piece, the laundry, the wall, the negative space, the women's skirts and blouses.

The women are facing out which normally takes your eyes out of the frame but in this case the back of the women's heads tilting in, one is tilting down the other up which bring your eye in a circular moverment and into the frame.
One woman is overlapping a laudry basket which also works to bring the various elements together.