Principles of Design

The Principles of Design, Unity, Balance, Emphasis, Rhythm and Proportion are used as a guide for creating effective and attractive designs. They apply to the graphics and their arrangement within a piece.

Although all good designs contain a combination of the principles, in the examples I have tried to isolated separate principles for the sake of this discussion.

The Principles of Design are just the beginning you need to:

   - Love design and be really interested in what you are doing
   - Constantly look at:
         art and design
         books, magazines
         web sites, Interactive pieces
         advertisments, tv and movie credits
         street art, signs, billboards
         art shows, museums
   - Design and redesign and redesign again and again and again
   - Pay attention to the details
   - Take risks
   - Keep an Idea Bank for sketches and notes, use it daily
   - Be willing to take criticism of your work

With practise you can really grow as a designer but if you do not love what you are doing, it will be difficult if not impossible to become a really good designer.