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Organization and Labeling

: One of the main gripes from users is that they cannot find what they are looking for when they arrive at a site. To avoid any confusion your team needs to decide upon an organizational scheme and a system of labeling that will be obvious to the user.

The User

: First and foremost the names used for menu items, pages and sections of the site must be familiar to the intended user. The position of the navigation needs to be clear and obvious. Place items where the user would expect to find them for instance the user is used to having a shopping cart in the upper right hand corner you should stay with this convention.

The Client

: One of the main obstacles for using a system that works for the user is often the client's preferences. In many organizations politics play a role in what gets a place of prominence on a website and what does not. Various departments within the company may want their department to be more prominent than another. They may also want you to use names and terms that are familiar within the company but not as recognizable to the user. You need to convince the client that you are selecting a system that works primarily for the user.

The Team

: Everyone on the your team should understand the organizational system and naming convention and the reasoning behind the choices. This will help all on the team to understand the hierarchy of the site and the importance of one set of information in relationship to another.