Information Architecture: Wireframes
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We define information architecture as the art and science of organizing and labeling websites, intranets, online communities and software to support usability Information Architecture Institute

An Information Architect 

defines the structure and organization of an interactive project. They organize the content, navigation and functions of the project in a coherant manner in-order to make the site easy to understand and use.

Information Architecture

allows you to work out all of the kinks before the majority of the work is started. All the changes can be made at the planning stage which in turn saves time and money.

Information Architecture

helps your team to understand what is going on and allows each member to be informed of changes quickly. If used correctly it can be used to avoid unpleasant surprises and unforseen problems once the actual work on the site is underway.

Information Architecture

Can be used to walk the client through the process and in turn have them ok and sign-off at the completion of each stage of the planning process. This should eliminate any possible misunderstanding of what is required and what will included on the final website.

The Information

gathered can be complied into a Process Book for easy reference.

Information Architecture

should include but is not limited to: