The User, The individual
a diverse group of people

Perception & Thinking Commonalities

When creating websites and other interactive projects you first need to understand the intended user. Normally you are targeting a group of users that include individuals with similarities but varying demographics. You will probably have a primary and secondary group. In order to better understand your user you create personas. However there are commonalities in how individuals learn and perceive, these commonalities provide a useful set of considerations for web design.

The most important aspect is for your site to be user friendly and that the visitor be able to interact with your site effortlessly. Understanding how individuals perceive their world will help you create more effective designs.

The Principles of Gestault give some insight into visual perception. Human Interface Principles along with an example of Affordance give guildlines to creating efffective interactive interfaces. The importance of Framing along with Recognition vs Recall are also included along with the use of Iconic Representation. And lastly but not least Ockham, Fitts and Hicks.